Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Oh, how cool!

I know kitanzi would murder me in my sleep if I started dragging junk like this into the house, but…

Steve Wozniak OK’s Apple I replicas

My first computer was an Apple ][, and I adored it. I used it up until it finally gave up the ghost sometime in 1991, and replaced it with an Amiga. I didn’t actually own a PC until 1994, when I began teaching computer applications and programming at a business school in Athens, GA, and found it useful to have the platform I was teaching at my home. And the whole history of computers is a fascination for me. Too cool!

(linked via lysana. Thanks!)


Paul Krugman Interview



  1. Nah, I wouldn’t kill you in your sleep… but if the computers start outnumbering the people even more than they already do (hmm, may not be true any longer -- is it?) then they will start being moved out to the storage space. *kiss*

  2. You may already know this, but your link’s not coming up as a link (at least in my browser). But I was able to go to the page you got it from and follow theirs. Wish I knew enough about html to know why :).

  3. Another old fogey!

    Those were the days, when 1200 baud was considered to be lightning-fast, and 9600 baug was just a pipe dream.

    My first hands-on experience with computers was in the late ’70s/early ’80s in high school. We had a DECwriter II (and acoustic coupler) in the guidance office, a TRS-80 Model II (with speech synthesizer) in the math department, and an Apple II Plus in my physics teacher’s room.

    I remember wanting an Apple II in the early ’80s, but there was no way I could afford one. The only place that sold them was ComputerLand.

    Then came college, where I was exposed to computer terminals and punch cards. The rest is history.

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