Gwnewch y pethau bychain

OK, this is too amusing not to share.

Radiohead Rorschach
An innocent fifth grader’s picture is worth a thousand-word critical analysis.

It is no longer possible to have an original opinion on Radiohead.

You’ve absorbed the deified albums, quarreled over the rock critic pontifications, frowned at the guarded, combative interviews. Thom Yorke’s ugly-stick-beaten mug has peered at you from the pages of every magazine known to man; his every word and every note has ignited its own individual Internet flame war. Mass media has bombarded us with Radiohead critique, rendering us unable to generate an unfiltered opinion of our own.

When you listen to Radiohead, you’re no longer actually listening to Radiohead — you’re listening to everyone’s opinion about Radiohead. It’s impossible to separate what you hear from what you’ve read. You are betrayed by what you know, and you know way too much.

Thus, in order to solicit an honest, undiluted opinion about Radiohead, you’d have to find the proverbial People Living Under Rocks. As People Living Under Rocks are unavailable, let’s use fifth graders.

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(link found via John Scalzi)


Oh, how cool!


The good, the bad, and the ugly


  1. Oh my word. *giggle* *giggle* I needed that.

    giggling muchly

  2. Bizarre! I don’t think I’m any the wiser…

    Should I have heard of Radiohead?

    Or even heard them?

  3. Anonymous

    Living Under Rocks

    Uh, while I have heard *of* Radiohead, and have seen (but not read) newspaper articles about them (him?), I’ve not, to my knowledge, ever *heard* Radiohead.

    Ann Onynous.

    PS -- Would “Living Under Rocks” make a good album title? 🙂

  4. Ok Ok, I’m under a rock as well. I’ve certainly heard OF Radiohead but to the best of my knowlege haven’t heard them. Alas. Hey, I’ve heard of Gentle Giant, that counts for something doesn’t it?

    Anyway -- I *did* like the 5th grader as music critic ploy though. Hmm… The mind boggles with other possibilities!

  5. oh, that’s lovely.

    probably more so because, unlike so many others here, I *have* heard of radiohead. and indeed, liked some of their stuff. but I pretty much listen to them in order to feel like those drawings. aside from the magic carpet one.

  6. LOL!

    *laugh* Oh, those poor totrtured students! “I hate my life.” “Mommy please come get me.” Volumes; these kids are saying volumes. All of it “Please make it stop!” -H…*laughs*

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