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Amusing conversation

Just now, talking to my co-worker eloren:

Me: Great. Now the CD-ROM drive isn’t working.

(ACat begins removing the case of the server he’d just put the case back onto.

Me: So, what cardinal rule did I just break, regarding working on a server that you have had to remove the case?

eloren: Don’t ever put the case back on until you’re sure it’s in working order?

Me: Right. See, I like to lead by example. This is an example of something not to do. 🙂

For anyone who is wondering, I am still planning on answering the last set of questions, and also write up the last two weekends. I could say I’ve been busy at work, but eloren knows better than that, so I’ll just admit I’ve been lazy and procrastinating. (That goes for those of you I owe e-mail to as well. Bad me.)


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  1. June 25: Happy Birthday 🙂 *hugs* -H…

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