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Slang Generation

n. 1. an old pair of trousers. 2. a sexy unit of currency.
“Man, check out this autographedcat!”

according to The Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary

Thanks to filkerdave for the link! I think I’m more like definition 2 rather than 1, myself, what do you think? *grin*


The Autographed Cat Interview, part three


Amusing conversation


  1. katyhh
    interj. an exclamation used in celebrating a victory.
    “Katyhh! I knew you couldn’t hit my policeman!”

    Wellllll 🙂 If they say so *g*
    And yup, I’d tend towards definition 2, in your case, as well 🙂


  2. rofl

    adj. owning an arcade game.
    “Careful, Brian, she’s snowy.”

    This is soooooooo appropriate.

  3. Fireskin
    n. a person without a vehicle.
    “Sabrina, where’s my Fireskin?”

    hmmm..that explains a lot

  4. I figured that leaving the digit in would mess up the results, so I spelled it all out…


    n. a drink, particularly an unpleasant one.
    “Jose, that filkerzero is unpleasant!”

    The usage example seems a bit repetitive, and should really be something more like:

    “Yuck, that coffee was a filkerzero if I ever tasted one!”

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