Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Month: May 2003

A Poem For Spring

driving into work today,
the brilliant blues and greens of
spring in the south
made me think about poetry
and how lucky we are
that so few words
can touch us so deeply
how lucky we are
that so much can be said
in a few short lines of
imagery and allusion
but most importantly
how lucky we are
when the sands of time have shifted
that the poetry we wrote as teenagers
in a spiral bound notebook when we should have been studying
quadratic equations
has long since gone missing
and is unlikely to be found again

More Answers

Still haven’t heard from lots of you. Feel free to drop a question here!

browngirl: I’ve always been slightly tall for my age, but sometime in my teen years it just all got out of hand. *shrug*

nrivkis: I moved to Georgia way back when I got involved with my now-ex. I admit that I’m very fond of Alpharetta, and I was very fond of Athens, for all that it’d be hard for me to find a good job there. I think if I could live anywhere I wanted, without having to worry about the logistics (IE, could get a stable job that paid enough to cover living expenses, etc), I’d like to live in the UK.

My biggest problem is that no matter where I live, too many of my friends will live much too far away.

delennara: I honestly don’t remember. A book, though, that had a tremendous impression on me, and I still have a copy in my home library (my first copy was a gift from my grandmother): “The Arbuthnot Anthology of Children’s Literature”, which includes an extensive section of folk tales from around the world, broken up by nationality.

Keep those questions coming, guys! 🙂

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