Gwnewch y pethau bychain

I *know* you’ve all been anxiously awaiting this… announced the winner in its bad erotica contest!

Also of interest, an article on twelve steps towards writing a good sex scene

Neither of these are especially work-safe. Thanks to elfgirl for the links. 🙂






  1. I like the twelve steps. I actually read several of the bad erotica before I had to give up. Those are terrible! (g)

  2. I read the grand prize winner for the bad erotica contest. It was so bad, that it was almost elegantly bad. It could not have been more of a parody than a parody. Was it a parody.

    (Obviously, I made it up to Florence okay. *grins* You and did a wonderful job keeping me entertained on the cell phone! 🙂 Thanks.)

    • You’re welcome! That reminds me, I was going to look up something else for you! I shall do that thing.

      Be sure you read the second runner up — it’s pure art. 🙂


  3. *giggle* entertaining and edifying. 🙂

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