Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Absurd Gift Ideas

For the person who has everything (and a weird sense of humour):

A crocheted skull

No, really…

EDIT (10/05/2005): The page above has gone away, but it can be found via The Wayback Machine.


Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream…


Notes to self


  1. Yikes! 40 Dollars? Ummm … I don’t think so *g*
    /me laughs, shakes head and exits stage left

  2. Anonymous

    One suggested use -- as a Christmas tree ornament? Oy! Maybe on Jack Skellington’s
    tree, but not on *my* Chanukah bush!

    [mood: not quite weird enough]
    [music: Danny Elfman’s Making Christmas]

    Ann Onynous.

  3. Ick!
    They got the anatomy all wrong!!!
    Really, a skull is a beautiful item, all balance of forms and lines, but this????

    • Yay! That’s exactly what I thought! It’s nifty to see a professional say the same thing. 😀


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