Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Oh, for Heaven’s sake…

I thought about writing a short rant about this myself, but John Scalzi has pretty much already said everything that needs to be said about Fred Phelps latest headline grab attempt.

I wish I could say it surprises me, but it doesn’t. Phelps and his venemous ilk are such frothing pinheads that even other homophobic religious zealots recognize he gives them a bad name. I really wish I could understand how people managed to take a religion supposedly founded on the idea of love and corrupted and perverted it so foully.



Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream…


  1. The concept of right or wrong is strange in some people!
    When I went to high school in Broken Brow, NE in 1990, a classmate of mine claimed that all gays should be shot. When I got mad at him because of such a statement, it was “Alexa goes for the gays”. (Not that I was given any trouble or anything, people were still nice to me). The church my host family belonged to which I had the pleasure to go to about 4 times a week of course claimed that all gays were burning in hell. But to their understanding, all Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and whoever didn`t except Jesus as their personal saviour would burn in hell, so it wasn`t particulary homophobic. More human-o-phobic. I always wondered whether their heaven wasn`t the lonliest place on earth. And which loving god would torture good people for all eternity because they haven`t chosen the right religon (if you want to call their perversion of christianity that).

  2. Anonymous

    I wish I could say just ignore this shit, it’ll go away, but it probably won’t.
    Phelps, however, *will* eventually go away. He’s not immortal. (I hope!)

    Ann Onynous.

  3. Phelps spelled backwards is Satan…..sort of…..

    How anyone can love and/or respect someone who spews such bile and hate is beyond me. Obviously I can’t. My desire for retribution and vengeance gets in the way.

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