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Month: April 2003

The ABC Meme

A very sociable week.

kitanzi and I tend to do most of our socializing on weekends. Most of our friends live far enough away that visiting is an actual expidition for most of them, and no one ever comes to visit us, so on days when we’re tired after a long workday, we’re mostly inclined to just stay home and enjoy each others company. This week has, as a result, been a bit unusual, in nice ways.

Matt and Mary are filk community friends who just relocated to Atlanta from Philadelphia. I had suggested to them that we get together for dinner at some point, wanting to make them feel welcome in their new town. We finally settled on Tuesday night, and since everyone’s money was tight, I offered to make dinner.

I settled on Carolina style Barbecue Pork for a main dish, with cole slaw and dinner rolls to round out the plate. This is one of my favourite crockpot recipes and always goes over well, and it had the advantage of being something I could prepare to cook in the morning before work and have it ready when I got home.

Tuesday morning turned out to be a comedy of errors for both Kit and myself. I had just pulled out on the road when I thought I heard a scraping noise coming from my car. I turned the radio off and confirmed that I wasn’t imagining it and pulled into the elemetary school which is next door to our apartments. Getting out of the car quickly revealed the problem — I had a flat tire. Closer examination showed a large metal object embedded in the tire, and thus the obvious culprit.

I called into work to let them know I would be delayed, changed the tire, and set out for a Goodyear place. About halfway there, my mobile rang and it was Kit, calling from home to let me know she realized after she got to work that this was the day she’d agreed to switch shifts with a co-worker. Lucky, it was the co-worker on the later shift, so this was merely inconvenient, and she went off to do the shopping she’d planned to do on the way home, since it meant our guests would likely arrive before she got home.

I got the tire replaced in short order, and the rest of the day was relatively uneventful. Matt and Mary showed up at about seven, Kit got home a little after eight, and we enjoyed a pleasent evening of food and conversation.

Wednesday night was a rare mid-week night out. Our favourite local band (and in fact, a band we think of “our” band, since I took Kit to see them way back when we were first dating and she was visiting every month from New Hampshire), Screen Door, was playing at a barbecue joint in Roswell, about 10 minutes from our house. As a bonus, we’d convinced friends to come along. I’m always happy to expose new folks to my favourite music. 🙂 We ended up with a party of six and half, including my co-worker eloren, her husband J., their four-month-old son R., and their friends heathrow and her husband T.

The band was in good form, though I was tempted at several times during their two sets to go find whoever was (or, I think more likely, wasn’t) running the sound board and beat them senseless. I’ve run live sound for both small and large venues, and the mix was awful. The actual volume was fine, but the vocals were unbalanced and too far down in the overall mix to be really heard well. I talked with them during the break and found that they weren’t controlling the house sound system at all, so the venue was definately to blame.

Oh well, the food was excellent, and the company was fun. It was nice to meet heathrow and T., who I’d heard so much about over the last couple of years, and R. was adorable — he was clearly interested in and responding to the music, or at least the vibrations. 🙂

Tonight is Thursday gaming, and then tomorrow we’ll be heading up the Tennessee mountains to see chosen family. Life is good.

Expanding my interests…

Well, not so much acquiring new ones (heaven forfend) as doing a better job of cataloging them.

Way back when I started this journal, I filled out the “Personal info” section and had my usual reaction to the “interests” question. My brain just locked up and refused to cooperate. Part of this is the problem being eccentric, eclectic, and having catholic tastes. Part of this is just that I generally HATE talking about myself. When someone says to me “So, tell me about yourself.”, my most articulate responses usually begin with the phrase, “Well, er…”

Still, there’s an awful lot of people on my friends list, and surely I have things in common with them, since they’re my friends, right? So why not let them help out?

I spent the morning taking a look at the interests of every one who is currently listed on my friends list. As I scanned those lists, I noted all the things they listed that were also an interest of mine. So now I have a much longer, much more accurate (though still hardly complete) list of interests in my profile. Yay me.

Those of you who have read this far wondering if I had a point — well, no, sorry. This post doesn’t even really have any good navel gazing. But I have said I want to post more often, so here’s a post. I’ll try and put something of substance in the next one, which I may write after lunch.

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