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Coming soon…

I still owe an OVFF report (Come to think of it, I never actually got around to one last year. This year shall be different.)

It will have to wait just a bit more however. In about 45 minutes, I will be driven down to Northside Hospital in Atlanta to undergo sinus surgery. I’ve been suffering from sinus problems for at least 4 years, and to be honest, I can’t actually remember the last time I breathed properly, so I have understandably mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, i’m not really looking forward to the actual procedure and the recovery time, but if it works, It’ll all be worth it.

So watch this space for updates, which I will either post or have kitanzi post for me, and I’ll get that OVFF report done next week.

Maybe in my extra spare time, I’ll reach back and write up my trip to Boston back in May that I promised details on but never wrote.

*hugs to everyone*


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  1. *hugs* I wasn’t happy about my sinus surgery years ago, but it made a HUGE positive differece in my quality of life.

  2. *big hug back* All luck with the surgery and a very fast recovery! *gentle hug*


  3. I definitely get the best of this deal -- you’re stuck with the getting-well part, I get the fun spoiling-him-silly (well, sillier) part! (I am looking forward to that part! *G*)

  4. Best of luck, and hopes for continued and expanded good health!

  5. I hope the surgery goes without complications, solves the problem, and that your healing time is speedy. *hugs*

  6. just drifted in here via ‘s journal, but …….. good luck!!! Hope all goes well with the operation!

  7. good luck dear friend!
    but dont be disappointed if it isn’t better immidiatedly, it will take a month until the swelling is gone…
    You are going to be fine.

  8. Good luck and hugs! Am thinking of you.

  9. My thoughts are with you. I’m sure when it’s all over it’ll have been worth it.


  10. *BhiggGentleHugs* for an easy, as-painless-as-possible surgery and a complete, fast recovery.

    As in -- good luck wishes and healing, positive energy winging your way, dear friend! *moreBhiggHugs*

  11. ohi

    Good luck with the surgery, Rob! Fingers and and eyes and toes crossed for you…

    (people stare when I walk across the intersection, but hey, anything for a friend)

  12. *waiting to hear*

    Which I expect to hear that everything went swimmingly and we can look forward to hearing your voice singing loud and strong again soon.


  13. Thinkng about you, Rob! Hope you feel better very very soon.

  14. Anonymous

    Well, looks like folks have already said just about all that can be said, so --

    Just got off the phone with Kitanzi, who’s being about as patient as Kitanzi can be.
    You a lucky guy, you know that? And you ARE gonna let her spoil you rotten, hear?

    Paul Mangan

    [mood: hopeful]
    [music: The Quicksilver Messenger Service’s “Fresh Air” by Jesse Otis Farrow]

  15. May you surgeon be skilled,
    May the procedure go perfectly,
    May your recovery be swift,
    and may you gain everything you hope for from it.

  16. Get well soon. I hope everything goes smoothly and without complications.


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