Apologies to everyone who I promised updates here, but haven’t. I’ve not been able to hold on to focus for more than a short period over the last few days, as I recover from the surgery.

The surgery itself went very well. Lots of worry and fret melted away in seconds when the anesthesia hit, and the next thing I knew I was waking up and sore and groggy and it was all done. Still too early to know if it’s a total success, but it’s at least a big improvement, and I’m hopeful that once I’m fully recovered this is going to be filed under ‘one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.’

Keeping this short, since I’m still on medications and not thinking in very straight lines much of the time, but I did want to thank a few wonderful people from the last week:

o hilfy, who came to pick me up from the hospital, and stayed with me for four hours longer than expected after I was held over concerns about my blood pressure.

o Paul, for calling kitanzi and keeping her from going too crazy while she was waiting for me to come home from the hospital

o telynor for dropping everything on a moments notice to come pick me up and drive me down to the doctor’s office Tuesday morning after I had some concerns about things related to my recovery.

o kyttn for the lovely afghan which arrived in the mail yesterday, in our favourite colours no less!

o Every single person on #filkhaven and JediMUD, and here on LiveJournal and all the crew at work, for all their worries and well wishes and virtual hugs and get well thoughts.

o Callie, for the unexpected phone call and notes-comparing to her own similar surgery and recovery.

o And of course, kitanzi, for all her love and patience and attention, and for making my life complete.