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Useless Gifts

I’m thinking of putting together a web page of Useless Gift Ideas. Here’s one that would go on it.

Klein Bottle Drinking Mug

Isn’t that just ENTIRELY too cool?


Seen on the net…


Ok,, this one was too good….


  1. Oh dear! Ohdearohdear. The worst about it is that I know someone for whom this would just be the perfect present! *giggle* Thanks for sharing that. Hee … (I should forward that to his wife … *more grins*)

  2. Not to mention it’s made by none other than Cliff “The Cuckoo’s Egg” Stoll himself.

  3. Or…

    You could get a Klein Hat and Moebius Scarf…

    I’m trying not to giggle too loudly at work, but you’ve made it really hard…

  4. Perfect gift for my dad!…Heck, for ME even!

  5. an interesting question….

    I know I had this linked from my old pages -- I should mine through there and find other fun stuff to show you. 🙂 The interesting question, however, is how to calculate the volume of a Klein Bottle Drinking Mug?

  6. Want want want! If only it wasn’t $80.

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