In my last post, I mentioned one other cool thing that happened that first weekend in March.

On Friday, before I left, I realized I had forgotten something that I wanted to take with me to Tennessee. Since my apartment is now only 5 minutes from work, I figured I’d just swing by there on the way out and pick it up. While I was there I thought to pick up the mail, and found a package from zencuppa that I had been expecting. “Cool”, thinks I, and tucks it under my arm and heads up the hill.

I go in, check my e-mail one last time, find the thing I’d left and stuck it in my pocket. Then I open the package, which contains an item I’d bought at the Interfilk auction at Gafilk. The reason it was being mailed to me was that I bid it up on the promise that it would be re-done in my size. When I opened the box, I saw a card sitting on top of the neatly folded t-shirt. “Oh, that was sweet,”, I thought, and set it aside. (For those who are wondering, yes I do carry on conversations with myself like this.) I examined the t-shirt, went to put it away, and then returned to the card. It was a housewarming card, and very pretty, and I was thinking how awfully nice it was for her to include it. “She didn’t have to do that.”

And I opened it.

Inside, was a gift card from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $250. Apparently, zencuppa had been secretly organizing this among all my friends on #filkhaven, and the card was signed from all of them. (There was also a lovely little cartoon by Debbie of the girls in Urban Tapestry, which now graces my refrigerator, held up by magnets sent to my by browngirl.)

I was stunned. I walked around the apartment for 10 minutes, leaking profusely and generally being overwhelmed. I have the best friends…….the best family… the world.

Thanks to zencuppa, filkerdave, surrdave, almeda, Keris, Kitanzi, ladymondegreen, browngirl, fleetfootmike, tigerbright, khaosworks, Debbie, Jodi, Allison, Teri, and hitchhiker! I’ll be sure to put it to great use (and have partially already!)

You guys are the greatest!