I had expected to get them done the week before Christmas Day, but work conspired to keep me from doing anything useful that wasn’t….well, work. But today I put the final stamp on the final holiday card and they’re ready to drop in the mail.

Go me!

This seems a small thing, but it’s all part of my recovering myself. Every year, I said “We should do holiday cards.” And every year, they wouldn’t be done. I’m a poor correspondant anyway, as a rule, unless it’s via e-mail, and even then I’m prone to lapse when life gets busy. I should really follow Thoreau’s advice and “Simplify, simplify.” But I digress….

Anyway, out on my own with only myself to blame if things don’t get done, I resolved that i WAS going to get cards in the mail to all the people who are important to me, or at least all the people who are important to me that I have postal addresses for. And here’s a stack of them, ready to go in the postbox.

Every day, higher and higher.