Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: July 11, 2001

Now here’s a fun can of worms. You own a satellite, which is in orbit. It’s out somewhere over the equator somewhere, and nowhere near where you actually have your business offices located. But the country decided that hey, you’re here, and it’s worth X million dollars, so let’s charge property taxes on it as if it were here where your office is.

I’m not sure what to think of this. What happens when a company has multiple headquarters? Who’s liable for the tax then? If I have an office in Gwinnett Co and another in Fulton, I don’t owe Gwinnett Co. property taxes on my office in Fulton. So it seems to me that the taxes on the satellite are owned to whoever has jurisdiction over County Space.

But hey, anything for an extra buck.

Wherein the Autographed Cat is at work way too early in the morning.

I’ve been up since a little after midnight, since I had to be at work at 3am for a maintenance window. We were doing some fairly routine upgrades to the database server — adding a hardware RAID enclosure and also swapping the 1GB of ram it had for 4GB of memory.

Everything went well except for the RAM. I think that one of the DIMMs is bad, or else the slot is bad, because we put 12 DIMMS in and it only saw 11 of them. Worse, this machine (Sun E450) expects its DIMMs in groups of 4, so it only sees 3GB of the 4GB we put in. Yuck. We took it down and tried to reseat everything — I think it’s the slot that’s bad, it seemed loose and now I wonder if it had a hairline crack that was made worse by the removing and inserting of new sticks. Oh well, the window’s closed now and I can’t take the server down again. We’ll have to reschedule another time to take it down and get in and look at it.

My friend vila_resthal from over in Athens was wanting to come and see deidrecorwyn and me tonight. I’d really like him too, even though the house is a wreck. *sigh* He suggested the visit on Monday, and I said to deidrecorwyn, “If he’s coming over, we need to at least pick up the living room”, but nothing’s been done. She’ll say it’s my fault for not helping, but I work all day and she’s at home, and it’s not like I asked for the place to be turned upside down.

Oh well, Editor’s seen our house as a wreck before, so it won’t surprise him any. I’ll probably leave here at noon, so maybe instead of catching a nap before my doctor’s appointment this afternoon I’ll clean the living room. That way at least there’ll be somewhere to sit down.

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