Fare Thee Well, Lithuanian Maiden
Lyrics by Robert Wynne and Jeffrey Williams
Music by Robert Wynne
© 2000

Fare thee well, Lithuanian maiden.
I pray thee safe passage to Baltic’s coast
Travelling in a car well laiden
With blackmarket goods where needed most

For there you’ll meet a man named Raoul
Strange golden jewelry he will give
My goods to him you must turn o’er
At least, that is, if you want to live

Then return to me, my Lithuanian maiden,
Linger not while the moon hangs in the sky
Bring me that which Raoul has forsaken,
Swift as an arrow, sraight as the crow flies.

Ask me no questions, you do not want to know
No answers have I that would settle your heart
Just do this thing that I now ask of you
The sooner from me you should freely part.

Then drive down the road, my sweet little maiden
Let the car roll for all of twenty feet.
Then count your way to one hundred slowly
And do not look back, not even a peek

And when you look back, long shall I be gone
Gone upon the wind, stepped behind the sun
And never again shall you hear of me
Till I call you again for that long
Baltic run

This one is a bit cryptic. Jeff and I wrote this as a round robin — He offered the first verse, and I replied with the second, to which he replied, until it was finished. The words got polished a bit when I set it to music, and only afterwards did I go back and fill in what the song is actually about. I intend to write it up as a short story one day.