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Jon Stewart interview

This is 50 minutes long, but I think it’s absolutely essential viewing.

Stephen Colbert quite obviously plays a character named “Stephen Colbert” on The Colbert Report, and I think it’s quite interesting to realize that, in many respects, Jon Stewart plays a character named “Jon Stewart” on The Daily Show. Every so often, like here, or in the Crossfire interview a few years ago, he drops the jester act and lets you see the very serious, passionate, and concerned person behind the comedian.

Take the time for this. It’s fantastic.

YouTube – The Sun: Page 3 – the woman you’d love your woman to be like

Whatever you think of The Sun and its “Page 3 Girls”, this is a great lampoon of the Old Spice commercial.

Granite State Of Mind

Especially for kitanzi, who left a place as awesome as New Hampshire just to be with me.

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

This is delightful. I’m now ready for Christmas

(h/t elgecko

Richard Feynman explains why he cannot explain why magnets work the way they do

Digital visualization

Wow, what a cool little video.

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

(tip of the hat to Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic)

The 12 -isms of Christmas

This one goes out to all you art majors out there — and anyone who ever had to sit through an art history class. Thanks to sotto_voce for pointing it out to me!

Warning: while visually SFW, it does contain some bad language.

(Here’s the link to the page on YouTube)

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