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Why I love the UK

All my life, I’ve felt that I was born on the wrong side of the ocean. This was underscored yesterday in the aftermath of the London transit bombings, as I watched the populace react to events with characteristic British understatement. Yes, this is how you deal with this sort of thing — exactly like that.

Honestly, anyone who knows anything about Londoners culture should have known the operation was doomed to failure, anyway. The whole point of terror bombing is to send a message, and everyone knows you don’t strike up conversations with strangers on the Tube. It’s just not done.

I was also pleased to see #filkhaven once again creating a central place for people in the filk community to get news, check up on their friends and chosen family, and generally *be a community* for people scattered by geography but bound together by spirit. I did comment sardonically to fleetfootmike that we needed to find a better method for promoting the use of the channel, though. 🙂

Well done, everyone! Carry on.

Down and Safe

Just wanted to drop a line here to let everyone know that kitanzi and I returned home safely. Our plane landed in Atlanta at about 4:30pm, and we were back in our apartment by 6:00pm.

More on the con and the trip later. Now…sleep.

Part Four: The Course (home)

Over there, Part the third

At long last, the Quinze report

Ok, so I’ve been neglecting catching up on trip reports, which is not unusual for me, but I didn’t want to let the rest of my trip to England go unreported on, so here’s part two. Maybe I’ll get caught up by the weekend.

There and Back Again

It was about this time last year that I decided I was going to go to the UK filkcon in 2003. My dear friend Teri (teri945) was going to be one of the GOH, I’d always wanted to go, and was only recently free from former personal constraints which left me able to undertake such a trip.

After discussing the likely costs with a number of people who had made the trip before, I approached kitanzi about the idea of us going over together. This was several months before she decided to move to Georgia, and there were any number of reasons why it might have been complicated, but I felt like I could afford it and really wanted to give her something special like a trip overseas. When she did move down, it became something we both were carefully saving for and working toward being able to do. Finally, on February 5th, it was time to leave

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Next stop — London! See everyone who’s going to be at Quinze, and I’ll see everyone else when we get back!


This morning, after the direct deposit of my paycheck dropped into the bank, I went to and pushed the “please drain my bank account” button.

kitanzi and I now have airline tickets to Quinze.


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