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Turning the second key…

So earlier, my darling kitanzi and I made an agreement. As she writes in her journal:

Ok, ACat and I have a deal. I will start posting again if he does, and vice versa – and I still don’t have much to say, but dammit, it’s a deal. I can’t guarantee it’s anything worth anyone reading, which is much of what’s kept me from posting, but hey – if you don’t like it, feel free to unfriend me. I promise not to hold a grudge.

So…. a post a week, at least, hopefully more. May be crap, may be trivial, may be something no one but me is interested in. Here’s a starter – ask me a question, any question. I will either tell the truth, or say something so outrageous it’s an obvious and hopefully entertaining lie. Hell, I dunno if anyone is even reading this any more. Say something? 🙂

I’m engaging this slightly differently from a technical standpoint. I will compose my posts on Dreamwidth and crosspost them to Livejournal. I don’t especially care where people actually respond to them, and I may leverage other tools to make it easier to share certain content as well.

But, by gosh, this is own. Acat+Kitanzi, the blogging team that brought you…..links to a giant potato head statue, and amusing essays about our wedding and honeymoon, and con reports and strange song lyrics. All that, and more, so watch this space.

Stealing from my lovely wife, let’s open the floor for questions. Ask me a question, any question at all. The floor is entirely open.

Testing Concurrency engine

This is a test to see if content I post on Dreamwidth will properly repost to LiveJournal.

Actual content will follow.

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