I was gently chided recently by one of my friends for not posting enough about what’s going on with me lately. She pointed out, quite sensibly, that one can’t always assume that no news is good news, since I often went silent when I was dealing with lots of adversity. So this is an attempt at reporting what’s been going on, and those who don’t care to read such things will probably want to skip ahead to other items on their friends list, one of which is probably a good bit with links in it.

Friday night has become a TV night for kitanzi and me, as we snuggle up to watch Joss Whedon’s new series, Firefly, which is a nifty SF/Western with interesting characters. It’s not perfect, but it’s always intriguing, and gets lots of little things right. Rumours of the shows death have been hovering over its head since it premiered, so I hope this one isn’t going to turn into another show I really like that disappears after half a season. I intend to enjoy it as long as it runs, though.

kitanzi had been planning on going to my coworker Aileen’s baby shower, but she’d been feeling under the weather all week, so she elected to stay home rather than go and expose people to whatever bug she’d picked up. We did light housework, went and got haircuts (needed, since OVFF is coming up soon and we’re not going to be home next weekend), then came home and spent the evening watching the DVD of Beauty and the Beast, which I had picked up a few days ago but not had a chance to sit and watch yet. It was a lot of fun watching this movie again after so many years. The special features, with all the behind the scenes footage, was also a lot of fun to watch.

Sunday we got up early and went grocery shopping, then came home and finished up with the housework before sitting down and watching four hours of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One DVD, also a recent acquisition. I hadn’t seen a lot of these episodes in a LONG time, and at least one of them had managed never to see at all, so this was even more fun.

So lets see, the weekend consisted of getting haircuts, watching TV, and housework. (And snuggling, of course). A thoroughly boring, unexciting weekend at home.

Life is wonderful. 🙂