Terence flew off to the UK on Friday afternoon while kitanzi and I were at work, so we didn’t really get to see him off properly, but his flight did manage to leave on time, and he’s arrived safely on the other end, so I feel we haven’t done too badly as hosts there. 🙂

telynor had a rough day and sounded really down when I spoke with her that day, so I suggested she and G. come over to our house to chill, eat dinner, and watch the new Coupling episode. Unfortunately, a little bit after she set out, she called me from a payphone, as her car had conked out. I drove out to where she was to retrieve her and bring her home for dinner, and Kit offered her the use of her car for the weekend.

Saturday, I woke up in a funk. Nothing identifiable, just a bad “i don’t wanna go anywhere or do anything” mood. I probably would have sat around feeling all sorry for myself too, except that telynor told us that Three Weird Sisters were playing at this years version of the Atlanta Celtic Festival. Seems that the ACF wasn’t happening this year, so it’s organizers put on a mini-version of it at a pub in Alpharetta. So I muttered and grumbled and allowed myself to be dragged outdoors.

I’m glad I did. Once I actually got some fresh air and sunshine, the day didn’t seem so bad. We declared it an off-diet day, had some good pub food and drinks, listened to the music and browsed the vendors. I found a nice inexpensive sword at the weapons dealer which I brought home, and we ogled jewelry and admired the eye-candy that was wandering around. This was much more fun than the Indian pow-wow we attended the weekend before.

Once done with the festival, we went to a late lunch/early dinner at Garrison’s, and then dropped by Micro Centre so I could return something I’d bought the week before and browse about a bit. G. asked me If I thought the computer I built for him would be able to play Unreal Tournament 2004. After looking at the box, I said “Probably not”, but suggested the original UT likely would. So we hunted down a copy, and since it was only $10, I bought it for him.

Sunday was hang around the house day. telynor and G. came over to watch movies and a couple of more episodes of Firefly. G. spent a large part of the time borrowing kitanzi‘s computer to play his new game. 🙂

All in all, a fun weekend, despite my bad mood on Saturday morning.