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For all the knitters on my friends list

Today’s Loose Parts goes out to all the knitters in the audience

Loose Parts by Dave Blazek

Everything was better when you were 12

This week’s “Tom The Dancing Bug” amused me greatly, and is probably more true than not:

Tom The Dancing Bug

And odd sensation

I just experienced an odd sensation which I’ve felt before, but never really put a name for. I have decided to call it “flashback whiplash”.

Flashback whiplash is that disoriented feeling you get from being reminded of something that you once knew quite well but had so thoroughly forgotten that your mind has difficulty processing to reminder. In this case, perusing a list of “Things that ought to be on DVD but aren’t” in doctorpop‘s LJ, I came across the following words:

that weird Thing cartoon where the kid had a ring that turned him into The Thing

Oh, dear lord, I hadn’t thought about *that* in…..quite possibly since it aired in 1979. The show was Fred and Barney Meet The Thing, which also later featured Al Capp’s Shmoos, which explains where I remembered a Shmoo cartoon I really liked but could not recall.

Goodness gracious. That’s just something….

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