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30 Day Song Challenge – Day 29 – A Song You Remember From Your Childhood

We are nearing the end of our musical journey.  Today, we are asked to share a song we remember from our childhood.

So many songs I could pick here.  I got seriously into music young, and thanks to finding and acquiring my mother’s record collection at an early age, my musical taste has always skewed not just to the current but also to things that were released before I was born.

Still, I wanted to pick something that I remember from the radio, which is difficult because its not always easy for me to remember when exactly i picked something up.  But I remember really liking this song, even if I am reasonably sure I didn’t entirely understand it.  I just liked the sound of it, and the quality of that amazing voice.    Here’s Gordon Lightfoot, with his 1974 hit “Sundown”


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    • Rob Wynne

      I had a 45 of this (from my mom’s record collection, as I mentioned above), and I loved it.

    • Linda Walsh

      I had the book and the album, and was absolutely the biggest Peanuts fan

    • Rob Wynne

      Me too. I need to get back to collecting the Fantagraphics “Complete Peanuts” volumes. I wanted to at least get all of the 1950-1970 or so volumes. (I think I have the first 4, which covers 1950-1955 or so.)

    • Jim Poltrone

      They also recorded a Christmas-themed sequel.

    • Linda Walsh

      there are five total sequels: the original song, The Return of the Red Baron, Snoopy’s Christmas, Snoopy for President and Snoopy vs Osama

    • Linda Walsh

      Five total songs, that is

    • L. David Wheeler

      Rob Wynne It’s astonishing how *long* Schulz remained in his prime: “Peanuts” was incredible from 1950 on up to maybe a little before 1980 when it began to lose steam and coast. Though it seemed to reinvigorate a bit in the final five or six years with a more surreal approach and a focus on Rerun as the central character.

      (I actually have the “Snoopy vs. Osama” knock-off CD single. A completist’s bane.

    • Rob Wynne

      Also amazing: In the entire run of the strip, from 1950 through the final strip in February 2000, Schulz took exactly *one* vacation, during which they ran re-runs. Partly, this was because he often worked well ahead of schedule, and the timeless, non-topical bent of his strip allowed him to do that, but it was also just an incredible work ethic.

      In an amazing coincidence.Schulz died on February 12th, 2000, the day before the final original Peanuts strip ran.

  1. Bruce Adelsohn

    From AM Top 40 and the memories of a child:

  2. Annette Spirit Davis

    Explains a lot doesn’t it??

  3. Lauren Cox

    Mom played this CD in the car constantly, and I still adore this group.

  4. Paul Kwinn

    When I was in 4th grade, we did this big, elaborate production about American history. Somehow, I ended up doing a solo song. It was many years before I took up guitar and more years before I sang in public again, but here’s what I sang for the students and parents, without accompaniment.

  5. Lori Coulson

    This is one of the first songs I sung along with in the car, according to Mom:

  6. Deborah A Baudoin

    My dad used to play this on the piano, and I’d sing. It was always such a sad song to me. Never saw the film, but the song will always be achingly nostalgic.

  7. Jim Poltrone

    My parents used to listen to WEBR-AM (Buffalo) on weekday afternoons, which played R&B and had news. They went all-news-radio in 1976 or 1977. This may be where I developed my love for R&B and soul music.

  8. C. Eleri Hamilton

    Was one of my dad’s faves, mostly because we had a rambler.

  9. Heather Munn

    This was a favorite of my grandparents. I love this song:

  10. Juanita Coulson

    The song I remember is partial, because I only remember a fragment. I suspect it was a German lullaby my mother translated for me. A melancholy major key…if that makes sense. Two little babes, lost in the wood. Don’t you remember? It was a long, long time ago..” Remember? It haunts me, since that fragment is all I remember…and I have a very unusually powerful memory.

  11. Michael Pereckas

    Down at the end of the road from me is the Sundown Motel, which has a big ancient sign advertising “Color TV.” When I bicycle by I always sing “Sundown, with color TV, at the edge of Milwaukee where there’s nothing to see…..”

  12. Juanita Coulson

    More of the lullaby percolated down thru my synapses. “Night comes down and stars begin to peep, little birds and flowers are falling fast asleep. Don’ t you remember? A long time ago…you, dear, and I were in love”. The verse about the lost babies remains lost, alas.

    • Rob Wynne

      Is it this?

      NOW the day is over,
      Night is drawing nigh,
      Shadows of the evening
      Steal across the sky.

      Now the darkness gathers,
      Stars begin to peep,

      Birds and beasts and flowers
      Soon will be asleep.

      JESU, give the weary
      Calm and sweet repose ;

      With Thy tenderest blessing
      May mine eyelids close.

      Grant to little children
      Visions bright of Thee ;

      Guard the sailors tossing
      On the deep blue sea.

      Through the long night watches
      May Thine Angels spread

      Their white wings above me,
      Watching round my bed.

      When the morning wakens,

      Then may I arise
      Pure, and fresh, and sinless

      In Thy Holy Eyes.

      Glory to the FATHEE,

      Glory to the SON,
      And to Thee, Blest SPIRIT,

      Whilst all ages run.

    • Rob Wynne

      Guessing not, but i found that phrase in it, which makes me wonder if the song you’re thinking of was derived from it.

    • Heather Munn

      Memory is a funny thing. It stitches together unrelated elements, and eliminates altogether those things which are most relevant. And it does so seemlessly all the while telling us it is the 100% truth.

      Old victorian hymn “NOw the day is over” according to the internet. The link above Is to an old song “Babes in the Woods”. and the line “You, dear, and I were in Love” might be the opening verse to :

  13. Christopher Peterson

    I love this song. I first heard it as a bumper on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast when I was about 11.

  14. T J Burnside Clapp

    My mom used to sing this one to us. <3

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