Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Juneau, Alaska!

Juneau, Alaska!
Juneau, Alaska!

(Mount Roberts)


Took a bit of a walk for some fresh air. Space Needle always looks so


A lovely walk in the woods by a river…


  1. Irfon-Kim Ahmad

    It’s funny that because of how crossposts from your blog are tagged, this posts as, “Juneau, Alaska! -- Home of the Autographed Cat”.

    • Rob Wynne

      Yeah….I had to reassure Larissa that no, I hadn’t secretly decided to move and not tell her. 🙂

    • Rob Wynne

      The timing is also funny. This is a case of my blog picking up a photo I posted to Instagram 2 weeks ago, which then triggered the crossposter to put that new post here. It’s supposed to trigger faster than that. I need to investigate. 🙂

  2. Robert Moriyama

    So — where did you go on your vacation. / Juneau. / No, that’s why I asked. / (I’d be here all week, but I’m running for my life.)

  3. Callie

    Taken from a cable car, going up Mt. Roberts? I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, and if I ever do, I am *so* taking that ride!

    Btw, have we talked about Grouse Mountain (near Whistler, BC) yet?

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