Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Submarines are lurking in my foggy ceiling…

Well, tonight was another total insomnia night. At least I actually made a virtue of it by getting things done that needed to be done.

I actually had an astoundingly productive day. I pretty much knocked off everything on my to-do list by lunchtime, so I rewarded myself with a bit of social frivolity in the afternoon.

Things are coming together nicely for Gafilk. Name badges are printed, hotel paperwork has been acquired and looked over, My Filk questions have been written, and various and sundry things have started to collect into a staging area for transporting. It’s going to be another awesome year, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who’s coming.

Meanwhile, the last push of packing is underway. Both desks are completely clear, the closets are pretty much empty of everything that won’t be going into a suitcase soon, and my fear that we’re going to end up with a lot more than will fit in the car is subsiding.

In a couple of hours, I have my final appointment with my massage therapist, who I will miss tremendously, and then perhaps I’ll ponder a nap.


Everybody’s working for the weekend…


There’s Life And There’s Music, and Music Endures


  1. Anonymous

    While you’re pondering a nap, head on over my way.

    You can sit and veg at the dining room table while I cook and bustle and natter on and turn you into my GAFilk-taster.

    It’s pretty cool and congratulations are due that you’ve reached the point of having ‘idle’ time this close to the move and GAFilk. Way to go! I am sooooo jealous.

    Yesterday was “do lots of errands before back home to do the meat prep”. What it ended up being was “sit in parking lots, talking on the cell phone with the staffing people, and stand in lines that grew longer while I was outside on the phone, then home with half the list still Yet To Be Done and needing to still cook. But it’s coming together 🙂

  2. crap that last post was from me (duh …)

    %&@^% cookie-from-subdomain LJ $*@&%

    • At this moment, I’m honestly not safe to drive. But I appreciate the offer.

      Things really have come together. It’s down to all the fiddly bits. (You know how some people have a junk drawer? We had a junk closet. It’s now empty.)

      Bah, I hate errand days where you can’t get anything done because all these other people. Seriously, what’s up with them?

      • Bah, I hate errand days where you can’t get anything done because all these other people. Seriously, what’s up with them?

        They want to throw money at me, so I’m cutting them a bit of slack.

        Doesn’t mean it’s any less hair-pulling. Just means I’m doing jumping through their hoops instead of telling them to jump in the lake.

  3. Well, it’s said that if you can’t sleep, not trying is a good thing -- the idea being, you don’t want to teach yourself to lie in bed for hours on end, unable to sleep. So, getting stuff done is probably the second best thing you can do (the first being “sleep” :-)).

  4. Good luck with GAFilk!

    I would love to ponder a nap, as Katie and Julie kept us up way too late last night (after which we watched Castle), but sleep is not an option here. Nor is it standard equipment… 🙂

  5. Sometimes good sleep hygiene is next to impossible. Sometimes “better living thru chemistry” is a blessing. Glad it was productive. Hope you are soon back on track.

    • Normally, I would have taken something, but by the time I went to bed I didn’t want to because I had to be up for an 8.30am appointment.

      • Blecch! >p I hate those occasions--I much prefer my sleeplessness prior to 11:00 PM so the 6-hr pill is mostly gone by alarm-time. (This is my most commiserating user pic, BTW.)

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