Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Jackie sits back, collects his thoughts for the moment…

“You know that feeling you get when you’re leaning back in a chair, and you lean back a little too far, and you start to tip over but then at the last minute you catch yourself?

I’m like that all the time.”
–Stephen Wright

It’s been an eventful summer. Not that you’d know that from following this journal, but it has. So I’ve got a few posts to make about recent events and future plans. If you’re still reading, you can expect them over the next few days.


2012 Pegasus Awards Final Ballot


When You’re Up On The Stage, It’s So Unbelievable


  1. Still reading.

  2. I’m still reading.

  3. Still reading. Been watching your twitters go by on facebook, wondering what you’re up to, and missing hearing from you.

  4. I’m one of the stalwart who hasn’t gone to DW. I’m still afraid of widths. As you can probably tell from having met me, big Stephen Wright fan here. And Jay London -- not as well-known, but pretty amazing.

  5. Totally not reading. Whoever you are.

  6. I’m still here, still reading.

    *hugs you*

  7. One more for the list of readers. 🙂

  8. I’ve been here so long I remember having to read your LJ when it was still cuneiform!

  9. Still reading here. *hugs*

  10. Still here, and waiting for your best James Dean.

  11. *chiming in*

    Still here!

  12. I’m still reading and looking forward to hearing :).

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