Many years ago, fleetfootmike and I set up FilkNet and its IRC channel as a service to the filk community.  It became a place where filkers from all over the world could gather, a virtual space to call our own.  Over the years, it was vibrant and warm and a great place to be home on the Internet when we couldn’t be in a filkcircle at a convention.

Of late, it’s a bit of a ghost town.  

Maybe life got busy and you just fell out of the habit of checking in, or maybe you just don’t have time.  Maybe something happened (either in or out of the #filkhaven space) that made you decide to stay away.  Maybe you were completely unaware of the existence of it, or don’t even know what IRC is.

When I started to write this, it was as an administrator of a service, wanting to find out where the users had gone, but honestly, it’s more personal than that.  I miss my friends and I want to see them in our big crazy chatroom again.  Or for the first time.  

Comments to this entry are screened.  If you’d like to say something private about your feelings about the #filkhaven channel, you can leave them here.  Or, as always, you can email me at

But if you’ve no particular reason to be away, come on in.  I’d love to see you.