Gwnewch y pethau bychain

The Paralysis of Choice

Yesterday was my last day at $OLDJOB. Monday will be my first day at $NEWJOB. In between, I have five days where I don’t have any real obligations on my time, for the first time I can remember.

It’s 11:30am, and I’ve yet to get dressed. I keep thinking “I should do something with this lovely day, but being utterly indecisive about something even as simple as “Where should I go for lunch?”

Ah well. I think I’ll just go out and wander around for a while. Maybe something interesting will occur to me as I do. 🙂


So I Turned Myself To Face Me…


Apropos of nothing


  1. I suggest you take a moment for a virtual hug from me. 🙂 Enjoy your time to yourself, and best of luck with the new job.

  2. go to lunch someplace within walking distance and have a nice leisurely stroll?

  3. Come visit a friend and the cutest toddler on the planet?

    • Toddler? *perks up* Pictures? Pretty please? Loooove to see pictures of cute toddlers! My step kids are still incredibly cute at 5 yrs and 7 yrs, but there’s something I find especially endearing about kids between 18-30 months, and how they’re juuuuust getting started on exploring the world.

  4. What about going to that favorite taco place that you mentioned?

  5. Enjoy life!

    Also, be careful. I sprained my ankle on the weekend between my last job and this one and the health insurance gap was a serious pain in the tuchis.

  6. Unstructured time does wonders for creativity. Wandering and thinking and following your “Hmm’s” is a great way to end up in cool places on the planet or in your head. Bookstores are boosters in this endeavor. As are fields of green. Why not head into town to Little 5 or somewherez.


  7. Sit outside with a cool drink and your guitar!

  8. Check your bucket list and do something on it.:)

  9. Write a song for me to learn; specifically, I’d be playing chords on mandolin.

    Get to it!

  10. Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. I picked up a flyer for this at a gourmet maple syrup booth at a craft show earlier this year, hoping I’d be able to get down. No such luck, but you guys should try it.

  11. For five days, you could let yourself live as if there are no “shoulds”.

    For five days, you could sleep as late -- or early -- as you want to. You could go to the zoo. Or start a garden. Or go on a bike ride. Or a hike. Read a book. Play games online. Visit friends. Go to a con.

    For five days, think about what might be fun and different and celebratory of the change you have made, and are making in your life.

    Tell the rest of us about it if you care to. Or just your sweeties. Whatever you do -- celebrate you!

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