Gwnewch y pethau bychain

A moment of spring in the dead of winter

Often, people who live in other parts of the country who are planning to attend Gafilk for the first time will innocently ask me: “So, what kind of weather should I expect?”

My typical answer is: “I have no idea.”

This isn’t because I’ve not been here long enough to know the trends. I’ve lived in north Georgia, for better or for worse, for the last 20 years. The problem is that Georgia loses its little weather mind in the winter.

Three weeks ago, Atlanta was hit with a snowstorm that left us paralysed for nearly a week, causing Gafilk to essentially be a 4 day con for many people. Today, it is bright and clear and 70F (21C) outside. It won’t last, but it’s absolutely gorgeous outside.

Taking advantage of the sudden moment of spring, kitanzi and I walked down to the CVS to pick up a prescription I had to get. It’s almost exactly a mile from here to there, with just enough incline to make it interesting. Along the way, we saw a hawk making lazy circles on an updraft across the street from where we were walking. It was just too gorgeous a day to spend all of it inside.

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend, otherwise. Went to the gym yesterday because I didn’t go on Friday, and did a bit of shopping for necessary clothing, but otherwise, there’s not much to report.


Towards better health.


It’s that time of year again


  1. Weather in Atlanta in January? You can narrow it down a bit, I think.

    It probably won’t be much under 20 or much over 70 degrees Farenheit, for example. Snow isn’t *common* that time of year and neither are tornadoes.


    • It’s rather like Britain — you can safely say that “there will be weather” *g*. Of course, if they want to know what kind on any particular day the answer is “look out of the window” (the Meteorological office frequently get even the current weather wrong if you are further away from them than the next town)…

  2. I remember being at some GAFilks when the weather was similarly gorgeous. 🙂

  3. *sigh*

    Am appreciating this vicariously :).

  4. Oh yeah. I got out for a nice walk today too. Grab it when we can.

  5. Here in central Arkansas we’ve had two days of 70+ highs in a row.

    By Tuesday, though, we are supposed to be returned to our regularly-scheduled winter, with possible ice accumulation.

  6. I wish I could be there. I’m so done with winter.

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