Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Gafilk is soon!

It’s the Georgia Filk Convention, happening 7-9 January 2011 at the Crown Plaza Airport in Atlanta, GA.

Guest Of Honour: Seanan McGuire
Toastmaster: Matt Leger
Interfilk Guest: Howard Scrimgeour
PLUS another Super Secret Guest!

Come celebrate the fannish New Year with three days of fun, music, and friendship! We’ll have great concerts, the annual dinner dance banquet featuring Play It With Moxie, and, of course, singing until the early hours.

Membership is only $40 through November 30, 2010. (That’s tomorrow, so send in your registration today! We will announce the Super Secret Guest on Wednesday!

You can get more information about Gafilk, including online registration, at :

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Sigh. I would love to come, but I really can’t bring myself to
    deal with TSA any more 🙁

  2. Oooh. Oooh. Wanna GO.

    Also will not go through the TSA stuff.

    Does Amtrak go there?

    • Actually, yes it does. Not sure what your best route would be — possibly through New Orleans?

      Yeah, if you leave straight out of Dallas, you’ll end up going through Chicago. It’s a straight shot from New Orleans,and significantly cheaper and shorter.

      You should come. It will be teh awesome.

      • Oh gah. Every time I try to route it out of FTW, it goes through Chicago and then Washington DC.

        If I tell it I’ll drive myself to San Antonio first -- it still keeps wanting to route me through Chicago and DC. Only some days will it route me through New Orleans.

        Like, I could leave San Antonio at 7 am the previous Monday…. and arrive in Atlanta on Wednesday before the con. Eeek.

        Gah, I want a travel agent that knows how to make Amtrak fit together.

        • Maybe try calling and speaking with one of their booking agents? They cannot be entirely useless.

        • Unfortunately the Amtrak system doesn’t reach the UK.

          I can just about imagine going to Chicago-area cons via Toronto, but Georgia is unmanageable except by air for me 🙁

          Every con has its own unique feel, and I absolutely love GaFilk. But I was sexually assaulted on the way home from a con a few years ago, and then body searched at the airport two hours later; I was completely non-functional for the next several hours, off work for a fortnight, and had PTSD symptoms for months. I cannot risk going back to that state; God help me if (which is possible) I need to travel to California for work.

          Still, I hear the new NW con is nice, and it’s not so far from Vancouver to Seattle. Until they start this on the land borders, of course.

          • With any luck, this is a temporary problem. There’s been a sustained backlash, and not just from the usual corners, so there’s a possibility there will be a re-assessment of the policies. That does little good for this year, I know. But…one can hope for a more sane future.

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