Story about the duo who wrote and produced the NPR rap video I posted the other day.

A viral transmission

Fresh out of Ivy League colleges, a pair of unemployed 2005 Corvallis High School graduates have created a rap parody song about National Public Radio. And in the time it takes to say “Talk of the Nation,” it’s gone viral on YouTube.

The four-and-a-half minute video parody, “Good Radiation,” is the work of Adam Cole and Jenna Sullivan. Since it was made public on YouTube on Monday, as of Wednesday it has drawn more than 28,000 views and comment from some of the best-known names in public radio.

Pretty good for two well-educated college graduates with biology degrees and stellar resumes who can’t find jobs. Both are currently living with their parents in Corvallis. Cole graduated with a master’s degree from Stanford University earlier this year. Sullivan earned an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in 2009.
Both public radio fans, they wanted to do something creative. The whole project took about a week to produce, including the writing, recording and filming, which was completed at Cole’s parents house in Corvallis.