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Nashville Musician Shingles His Roof With Records : TreeHugger

This is pretty awesome. (Note that he used *damaged* records to do the roof — no useful music was destroyed *grin*)

Nashville Musician Shingles His Roof With Records : TreeHugger

Nashville Musician Matt Glassmeyer is, according to, a bit of an inventor. Now we learn that he is a repurposer, using 350 damaged records to build a roof on his porch.


Quote of the Day: Gold!


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  1. As a musician and reasonably environmentally-minded person, I am highly amused.

    As a building code expert, I’m a bit worried, especially reading the comments. There’s a REASON the building code requires 4-5 nails for a shingle. First big thunderstorm and someone may get a record or three through their window.

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