Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Most spam I delete within moments of recognizing it for what it is. But every now and then I run across something so incomprehensible, it *must* contain some seeds of enlightenment. I’m not one to pass up a free koan, just in case it will give me insight into the universe.

Today’s poetic musing:

“Our company we wish to create for you the best service. Be not ill Here you will see and will find about what many are silent do not speak. It is created for anonymity.”


QOTD: Gospel Music


Digital visualization


  1. If I meditate on that I’m sure enlightenment will follow.

  2. That is a thing of beauty …

  3. Yoda turned into a spammer?!?

  4. At our Company, we offer you the very best of all services. You will find no need to worry as we will supply all the necessities and information that others will not provide. In the end, your “Business” will be completly Anonymous!

    Sounds like it could be an Off-Shore Business Creator. They set up your “Virtual Office” and hide you and your assets. Of course, the also set up your Bank Account, Bookkeeping, handle your incoming Customer Orders, etc., “all the better to eat you with my Dear…” :o)

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