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Spam Subject Line of the Day

This was a random ED pharm spam, nothing to really distinguish itself from any of the other few that manage to slip past my defences. But the subject line of this one did catch me before I deleted it:

“How Can You Tell If Your Girl Is Satisfied (Sexually)?”

My immediate, somewhat bemused reaction: “Uh….she tells me?”

Seriously, maybe I’ve just been lucky with my partners, but it’s not that hard to tell that you’ve done a good job. Especially if your partner is someone you, y’know, have conversations with that feature polysyllabic words.


Aphelion – May 2009 issue


Out of Context Quote of the Day


  1. Yeah, I mean, eventually I’m able to form complete sentences…


  2. But women might lie to you!

    Didn’t you know that women lie to their sexual partners all the time about whether it was good or not?!

    All the time!!

    You can’t trust a thing they say!


    Not that I’ve generally understood that. I mean, it just seems a bad precedent to set. Then they’ll keep doing the stuff that wasn’t good. Also… most people I choose as partners can learn to figure it out from my body language.

    • Heh. I’ve just never found women all that mysterious.

      Body language is a great indicator. Take a look at her, guys. Does she look cranky and tense? Well, then you probably didn’t do so hot. Try again, Romeo.

  3. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be polysyllabic… I mean, “Oh… Oh… god… Oh god… Ohgodohgodohgod!” generally gets the point across…

  4. How can I tell? Her tongue’s cold. 😉

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