Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Random thoughts

  • I’ve ranted about the 24-hour news cycle and how I think it’s responsible for any number of ills, but today on my way back in from lunch I spotted the headline on CNN: “Deadly Flu: Nowhere is safe!”

    Now, this may well be actually true, but honestly, it would be nice if the news actually brought perspective and insight to its reporting rather than sensationalism. I remain a dreamer.

  • eloren says to me toward the end of a long and somewhat troublesome workday: “I can’t even go home and crawl into bed and pretend today didn’t happen, because I have to help Ryan [her son] build a bug. It’s build a bug day.”

    Immediately, I imagined a sort of Goreyesque spin-off of the Build-A-Bear workshop. I’m uncertain if it’s unfortunate or just as well that I don’t have the money and time to pursue these ideas I have.

  • Speaking of ideas, can anyone actually explain Japanese culture to me? I don’t mean the shoguns and the samurai and the Bushido Code and all that. All of *that* I understand. I want to know where this stuff comes from.
  • Only a few people actually asked me questions in the "ask me anything" meme the other day. I’m still open for them if you want. A couple of them gave me good ideas for more involved posts, which I hope to be writing in the near future. So don’t be shy — I really do want to hear from you, if only to assuage my insecurity that anyone actually reads this journal any more. 🙂
  • While pulling out my little snapshot camera and checking its battery, I realised I never uploaded the few photos I managed to take at Gafilk. Look for those shortly.
  • Speaking of photos, I love that Flickr gives me touch-up tools right on the website. One of the reasons I never bothered fixing the red-eye on some of them is that Gallery made it reasonably difficult to replace photos after editing them. They aren’t perfect tools, but it’s better than nothing and means I’m much more likely to try and fix things than before.
  • I wish there was a better LJ client for linux. Logjam is ok, but it lacks a preview feature, and Drivel crashed on my Ubuntu system.


Happy birthday, darling…


We were filkers once, and young


  1. Re: Photos -- I do some editing in Picasa before uploading, and use the Piknik software in Flickr for the rest. Pros and cons for both methods, but they’re both quick and easy and convenient, generally.

    • On more recent sets, I cleaned things up in Picassa, which I adore. It was more about trying to edit the stuff that was already up on the web that I found a huge pain in the posterior.

  2. I read, I just have a hard time thinking of questions that I can’t just… ask normally.

  3. I read the journal. I just try not to be nosy. 🙂

  4. Semagic works under Wine if you’ve already got that installed…

  5. Well, the Fanta girl’s dance is hot… I find what I see of the culture rejuvenating, because it’s all stuff I was immersed in during the 70s--the music, the clothes, the midriffs…

  6. Yes, I read this journal. I just tend to go through quickly. See the brief, thoughtless posts from me of late.

  7. Re the Japanese Soft Drinks:

    Dude, I want a bottle of “Final Fantasy Potion”! It doesn’t matter if it tastes like crap!

  8. The Japanese seem to like trying everything that is new and/or strange. When we visited my brother there he warned us not to drink some of what was sold in vending machines because he thought the ingredients were not safe. He did insist that I drink Calpis though. I think the name amuses him. Calpis is actually quite good cold. The hot version featured in your link sounds much less desirable.

  9. I read--it’s just that I can’t think of any question I’d be comfortable asking that I wouldn’t be comfortable just asking in regular comments, if that makes sense.

    Plus I always feel like I’d have to put “ask me in anything” in my journal and I’m just not feeling that courageous and open right now. 🙂

    • Saame here. I dislike memes which make me feel (even if they don’t explicitly say) that I ‘ought’ to do the same.

  10. I read it; heck, I look forward to it. I’m just not posting much myself, and, like most of your other friends, I can’t think of a question that I wouldn’t be comfortable asking you in any other context.

    BTW, I finally bought the first season of “Coupling” last week for myself. Haven’t watched it yet… Now, I need to buy the British “Jekyll” series.

  11. Thank you for the drink link. I started giggling when I got to the Kimchee Flavored Coolpis, and haven’t entirely stopped yet.

  12. I read. I’m withdrawn these days. Being quiet and keeping my distance. It comforts me. I read and I care though from my distance.

  13. I’m just worrying about the possible connection between the first two items on the list. Where do new viruses really come from?

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