Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Random #filkhaven moment of the day…

[lj user=autographedcat]

I have this sudden image of bardling wandering the streets like Jacob Marley, wrapped in cat-5 cable with small switches attached and dragging along behind her.

[lj user=autographedcat]

Scrooge the BOFH, visited by three spirits….the Ghost of Systems Past, the Ghost of Systems Present, and the Ghost of Systems Future….

[lj user=autographedcat]

“Where are we?” “Don’t you recognise this room?” “That– that’s my old PDP-11! But this data centre doesn’t exist any more!”


I just have one question…


Happy birthday, darling…


  1. I’ve seen PDP used as an acronym for something else, but I always think PDP-11 first.

  2. Have they no IT Departments?! No “data-centers”?!

  3. Both the exchange as quoted and the icon brought a smile to my face. It’s still there.

    Thanks, I needed that!

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