Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Oh, nice! Courtesy of Unqualified Offerings, a pointer towards a collection of Warren Zevon live bootlegs, which have been authorized by the Zevon estate.

UO also points us to an appreciation of Zevon in the Wall Street Journal, from which he got the pointer to the archive.


Valentine’s Day is a-comin’…last chance to slip a note under my door…


Protected: For rent…


  1. Hey! I’d been thinking that you and kitanzi have been pretty quiet up there. I was about to write y’all an email to check in, but grateful is good.

  2. Um…not that I’m complaining about new Zevon music at all, but isn’t “authorized bootleg” kind of a contradiction in terms? 🙂

    • Not really. I suppose it’s a term of art. I’ve always used the word bootleg to simply mean any recording that wasn’t an official release. Since the vast majority of these are under the table transactions of questionable legality, the term is largely associated with unauthorized recordings. But nothing stops the rights-holder from saying “Hey, some fans taped our show, and it’s ok if you wanna pass it around.” Heck, the Grateful Dead set aside special sections of the audience for people who wanted to make bootleg recordings — you can’t get much more authorized than that.

  3. Heh. has huge amounts of superb live music; I’d noticed the Zevon a while back, and thought it was fairly common knowledge. I recommend checking out the list of bands over there sometime; they range from bwuh, who? to wow, I never thought someone this big could be here (and that’s not counting the separate Grateful Dead archive.

    Also, your link to Zevon’s boots is currently a duplicate of the WSJ link (proper link for your convenience).

    • I actually know primarily as the home of the Internet Wayback Machine, so this was new to me. It’s still very cool.

      If anyone on my friend’s list already knew about this trove, it was going to be you, but I figured other folks might want the pointer. 🙂

      • Archive has all sorts of cool things besides the Wayback and the live archives. Check out their public domain Moving Image Archive sometime. Everything from government training films (both for the armed forces and for kids in school) to Felix the Cat and Merrie Melodies animations to full-length flicks (including the Prelinger Archives and movies selected for preservation by the National Film Registry). Way too much fun for one lifetime.

        Sorry if I’ve just contributed a new timesink. 🙂

  4. Very cool--thanks for posting. 🙂

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