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Tonight’s game: Star Munchkin

Since one of the normal AD&D group was away this week, and because we’re about to start a new campaign, we ended up playing Space Munchkin this week. I won, looking for trouble against a level 1 Janibot and there really wasn’t much anyone could do about it.

Best moment of the night: making three consecutive runaway rolls to escape the Space Vampire, his clone, and the wandering Great Cthulhu. Yeep!

Best exchange.

Dave: I go looking for trouble against the Space Amazons. I’m beating her by five.
Me: (plays card) Sadly, there are no more Space Amazons. She’s the last of her race. You’re now losing by 5.
Dave: (plays card) But she’s misunderstood. That gives her -5.
Me: So you’re tied. She wins ties.
Dave: (examining hand) (deadpan) Oh well.
(break as everyone else falls out laughing)
Dave: So, what’s the bad stuff
Me: (still laughing) You get sodomized by the Space Amazon. You get sodomized by the Last of the Misunderstood Space Amazons!

I love a game where “Last of the Misunderstood Space Amazons” has a useful context.


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  1. I think I just read that story in a Best Bisexual Erotica anthology…

  2. I have never (please don’t kick me out of the club) played an actual card game like D&D… but you make it sound AWESOME!

    • We could teach you to play. It’s essy. 🙂

      And you can stay in the club, even if I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve forgotten how exactly we came to be aware of one another. *curses own foggy memory*

  3. I need to get that onto the table at the next game day.

    • It’s really a fun game, and very useful for nights when the whole RPG thing doesn’t quite come together.

      We’re considering having a games night for just card/board games, though the more I look at our collection the more I consider we need to go shopping before we do. *grin*

  4. Tee hee :))
    I LOVE Space Munchkin. And silly guys, too 😉

  5. If you’d combined that deck with Munchkin Cthulhu, she could have been the last of the gibbering blasphemous misunderstood Space Amazons!

    • *grin* I’ve played M:Cth. Due to a bad shuffle, there was a run of Curse cards early int he game. I quipped “Actually, this *is* Munchkin Cthulhu. There’s nothing in the deck *but* curse cards.” 🙂

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