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PBS Kids presenter fired over Indie Film role

sarekofvulcan posts in his blog:

Melanie Martinez, host of PBS Kids Sproutโ€™s The Good Night Show, was fired recently because she appeared 7 years ago in a short independent film that her producers deemed inappropriate.


After all, I definitely want my work performance to be judged on what I did in college

Yeah, its really important, because you know that pre-school kids are a *huge* segment of the independent film demographic. Hell, I canโ€™t stand to go to Sundance or Cannes anymore, because Iโ€™m always tripping over toddlers at the screenings.



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  1. bwhuh?

    Thought police much? WTF?

  2. I must have that icon. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Also, I am the wrong kind of parent, because when Brittany was a preschooler and watching The Big Comfy Couch, her father and I would sit around -wishing- Alyson Court would have had a part in an “inappropriate” movie.

    Heh. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Duh. Just, duh.

    Besides, those were probably my toddlers you tripped over at Sundance, on the wrist leashes we used to use. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The politics of PBS

    The PBS folks are running scared in this administration. Funding cut again and they are doing their best to suck up.

    I have been meaning to do professional blogging on PBS for awhile, as there are other elements that bother me greatly. Hopefully I will get to it eventually.

    • Re: The politics of PBS

      I will look forward to reading that. I find your professional blog facinating, personally. (In case I’ve never actually said so).

  6. Holy crap --
    I mean, what was she thinking taking that role…she should have known it would directly impact small children in the distant future.


  7. Userpic says it all.

  8. Although Wikipedia’s link includes a “not suitable for young children” link, there does not appear to be one on the video itself. I have watched the video the speakers off, and it is clear that the only potentially exceptionable content was in the script. The visuals are completely unexceptionable.



    • Thanks, I was just getting ready to ask if anyone knew what was so “inappropriate.”

      This kind of thing scarse the bejesus out of me…it seems if you want to work with children at all, you have to be some kind of celibate nun to have public approval. No smoking, no swearing…no liquor and jazz…and definitely no indie films! It’s a good thing I left teaching when I did.

      • It’s certainly getting that way in the UK, people are getting turned away from jobs with children for trivial things they did years ago. As far as I can see this has decreased the incidence of child abuse very little, if at all…

  9. How frakking absurd.

  10. Holy merde! I just read her wiki, and realized that I am on a mailing list with the makers of the independent film. Don’t know if they knew of this; I’ve just posted to the list, and will report back their reaction, if any.

  11. Aw. Poor Sammy. She *loved* Melanie (I even got her a “signed” pic and Sam has sent her several pictures she drew). She was bummed that Melanie wasn’t there yesterday, but I figured she was sick or they were trying something new. Feh on them. I’m writing them a letter tomorrow (I’d do it now, but my brain’s slowly going offline).


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