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Have some Kool-Aid

Mike Peterson pointed this out over in rec.arts.comics.strips

Meanwhile, here’s an amusing little piece — this is an INS site that
helps immigrants prep for their citizenship tests. Click on the answer
button and see if you notice anything missing — do suppose they know
something the rest of us haven’t been told yet???


EDIT (29 May 2006): Well, it looks like it’s been updated to include Freedom of the Press after all. I guess enough people were poitning out the lack.


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  1. May I see your journalist’s license, please?

  2. I won’t cheat — I saw this over at Boing Boing, where a commenter points out that the same omission is repeated in the Citizenship and Immigration Services’ “Guide to Naturalization” (the official guide on becoming a citizen) (that the question number is the same leads me to believe it was the same master document).

    Add this to the recent notes by ABC News that they were tipped that their phone records were searched by the Feds, and we’re looking at the government moving towards the Soviet each day.

    Comrade. 🙂

  3. OK, as a clueless brit, may I ask what it is?

    • It’s missing freedom of the press.

      • To be fair, they might have lumped that under “speech”.

        • I considered that. They might have, but freedom of the press is a seperately and specificly enumerated right in the first amendment. And I think the distinction between the rights of an individual to free speech and the rights of the Press (as an institution) are important enough to be considered seperately.

          • And the item did go to the trouble to distinguish between the establishment and free exercise clauses, though it treated them both as part of “freedom of religion.”

  4. Admittedly we have a government I’d be careful about, ahem, pressing on this, but why didn’t they just quote the damn original? Did the Executive Branch deny them access? 🙂

    Ann O.

  5. There’s not exactly a lot of commentary about the right to petition the government, either. ;(

  6. I just looked at this today (5/29) and freedom of the press is there.

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