Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Valentine’s Day

I came home from work yesterday to find, on my desk, a pair of Hersey’s chocolate kisses and a Valentine’s Day card from kitanzi. Inside the card, she said she was giving me the chocolate kisses (with a hint as to where I could find the rest), along with a pile of “yesses” which I could use to answer any request I could dream up.

We had a very enjoyable evening. 🙂


SONG: Love May Yet Survive This Fall


New Song: Your Call Is Very Important To Us…


  1. I figured something like that had happened. I’m glad she let you up long enough to do Aphelion’s cover this morning. (Big Evil Grin) Next time something like that happens, just e-mail me to the effect that “something urgent has come up…” and let *me* do the cover so that *you* have no niggling worries to possibly distract you. Aphelion may be important to me, but your & Kitanzi’s love for each other is even more important to me.

    Hugs to both of you from Lindsey & myself.


    • *grin* I had to get up at 2am to be into work at 3am, so it gave me something to do while I was shaking out the cobwebs.

      Besides, this was Issue 100. I wasn’t going to miss that! 🙂

      *hugsback to you both*

  2. I wish I could write that too on Valentine’s day. Sadly I am unattached.. No one wants me..

  3. Hee. I cld fly but Kitanzi wouldn’t be too pleased.

    *Hugs* to both of you two good people.

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