Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Another entry in the Catalog of Improbable Gifts

Link courtesy of redaxe, a chair made from genuine NYC Walk/Don’t Walk signs:

Only $2700. What a bargain.


I am…


The SMS Kettle


  1. Looks extra comfy too!

    Well, not so much. Looks like you would slide right off, and if you didn’t, I hope the room is quite cold… the lit sign would warm things up nicely.

    On the other gripping hand, a shaped/formed bent sign for a chair back would be neat.. and much cheaper.

  2. Conceptual/functional art?

    Commenting on our directionless society?

  3. “DONT WALK”? And, presumably WALK? Now if it said SIT / DON’T SIT… 🙂

    Ann O.

    • I mentioned to and the others I was with at IRC when I mentioned this that I’d love to install a pressure sensor that switched the chair from a default “Walk” to “Don’t Walk” when someone sits in it. Not quite as good as “Sit/Don’t Sit” but on makes do with what’s on hand.

  4. *stares* Why in the world? I don’t get that, as someone we know said. 🙂 Chairs oughta be comfy, ya know?

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