All my life, I’ve felt that I was born on the wrong side of the ocean. This was underscored yesterday in the aftermath of the London transit bombings, as I watched the populace react to events with characteristic British understatement. Yes, this is how you deal with this sort of thing — exactly like that.

Honestly, anyone who knows anything about Londoners culture should have known the operation was doomed to failure, anyway. The whole point of terror bombing is to send a message, and everyone knows you don’t strike up conversations with strangers on the Tube. It’s just not done.

I was also pleased to see #filkhaven once again creating a central place for people in the filk community to get news, check up on their friends and chosen family, and generally *be a community* for people scattered by geography but bound together by spirit. I did comment sardonically to fleetfootmike that we needed to find a better method for promoting the use of the channel, though. 🙂

Well done, everyone! Carry on.