Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Something Fun To do at a Filkcon


What it is: Shatneroke is a party game in which participants give a Dramatic (as opposed to merely dramatic) reading of the song lyrics of their choice. The winning player is selected by all players in a vote.


If I laugh…


Falling off the face of the earth


  1. You. Of Course. Will Be. Running This Event.
    At Dixseption.
    Won’t You?


  2. I think my ears are bleeding.

  3. Oh wow! That sounds extraordinarily fun — especially if everyone involved is three sheets to the wind. 🙂

    I am just now retyping all those palm pilot addresses I asked for, and I just got to yours and ‘s. I miss you two very much.


  4. I had a college roommate who did this a couple of times, must have been, oh, twenty, twenty-five years ago. I seem to recall him doing it with B-52’s and the Go-Go’s. Rather than Shatner, he went for the stentorian English professor sound, and it was transcendentally hilarious.

    These are the girls of the USA
    The principal girls of the USA….

  5. Is that b-52s the group or the cocktail?

  6. So is this going to appear on the GAFilk program?

  7. Anonymous

    You dont know me

    I know this is late, But congradulations. I never knew you and larissa got married. 🙂 I am happy for both of you…. an old friend of larissa’s:)

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