Gwnewch y pethau bychain


So, it’s National Talk like A Pirate Weekend, matey. Which leads me to an interestin’ question.

If a pirate puts you in his killfile, has he made you walk the plonk?


Ok, cupid….


Terry Pratchett interview


  1. I dunno about that, but I heard he paid an arm and a leg for his hook hand and pegleg.

  2. *groan* *ugh* to the bilge with ye fer that one.

    good song you’re listening to, though.

  3. I dunno, but I find your usericon hypnotic.

  4. Arrr. I thought t’ day was only on Sunday. Is it a full weekend, matey? Is it like t’ Jewish holidays; that is, do it start Friday when t’ dark is nigh? I need t’ know!”

  5. Argh, indeed. And I too thought it was only on Sunday.

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