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It is, perhaps, the cruelest of this life’s many injustices that idealists are forced to live in the real world.


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  1. But is this cruel to the idealists, the world or both? Did anything in particular prompt this train of thought?

  2. And that the real world is forced to live with idealists. 😉

  3. Although, all quips aside, it may be in fact the flaws of the real world that truly inspire idealists.

  4. True.

    Also, though… ever since I met my husband, I’ve long, long been of the opinion that without the idealists, especially the crazy, fanatical, vocal ones, things would never get done. The rest of us in the moderate middle would never be moved to action.

    It takes the extreme ones just to move some of the rest as far as the middle.

    Idealists make the world turn.

  5. And which ideal is being suffocated this week? *hugs* -H…

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