Gwnewch y pethau bychain

This is probably surprising to no one who knows me…

Body Positive
You scored 98 for Positive Physicality!

Wow! You are probably a nudist, certainly sexually liberated, and you think the physical universe is a wonderful place to live! Learning about living things and where human beings came from is exciting. Chances are you’d agree that the fashion and diet industries are a blight on our society. You probably think the prudish fundamentalist complaints about “lewdness” are part of the very problem they say they’re fighting against, too: that the hypocrisy of hiding everything sexual behind a veneer of respectability is precisely what creates the obsession with fake, processed sex that drives the porn industry. But I’m preaching to the converted here, aren’t I? Keep pushing those boundaries!

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What would you like to do…?


Here, there be wisdom


  1. I knew someone on my friends list would score higher than me …. not surprised its you -- *hugs*

  2. That certainly figures. 🙂 I got a 76, which sounds about right too.

  3. Interesting questions, but I wasn’t curious enough to answer 25 of the darn things.

  4. 98! Wow, that’s pretty impressive.

    I got a 69 (“open-minded”), which was about what I figured.

  5. I got a 77. Gee… 😉 (is oki- it’s about what I figured, too…)

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