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The Return of Quizzage

So, I haven’t posted any quizzy stuff in a long, long time. The reason for this is rather idiosyncratic. See, I like to do two things with quizzes. One of them is that I like to save them up and post them in a group, rather than waste everyone’s time with them as I do them. The other thing is that I like to save the images to my own webspace, because I don’t trust them not to go away and I prefer that anything I post here is going to be lasting. Since my webspace had been down for a while, I had been accumulating these with no ability to move the images to my server and thus I didn’t want to post them.

Well, my webserver is back up, and so here is a bunch o’ quizziness just for you.

What is your inner tree?
You are compassionate and independent. You’re the
kind of tree who wants to help other trees find
themselves in a crazy world you know all too
well. You love the gentler side of nature and
like things simple and elegant. A night owl,
you like things peaceful all the time and are
often vexed when others invade your solitude.
You love the water as much as the land, feeling
at home in both. Often shy, you always want to
do things right, and crave attention every now
and then. You fear that what you love most may
one day turn on you, but it doesn’t stop you
from getting close to others. You are a good
listener and other trees often come to you for
advice or someone to talk to. You admire others
who freely share themselves. When you leave the
world, you want others to remember your example
and follow it.

What’s Your Inner Tree?
brought to you by Quizilla

What Monty Python character are you?
Mean lil fellow, arn’t you?

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

(A bit disappointing, as it really should be “What MP & The Holy Grail character are you. But fun, still…)

What woudl you look like as a wolf?

What would you look like as a Wolf by smimmary
Star Sign:
What you
Personality: Ruler of the world, and proud of it.
Mate?: Green
Created with quill18‘s MemeGen 3.0!

How Grammatically sound are you?
Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

What Scarlet Pimpernel character are you?

This test brought to you by Blakeney Manor.

Find out:Which Scarlet Pimpernel character are you?

What Decade is your personality living in?

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

What disease is named after you?

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Autographedcat’s Disease
Cause: peer pressure
Symptoms: pale skin, finger pain, nice dreams, vague euphoria
Cure: bleach
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

What Something Positive Character are you?

which member of something positive are you?
quiz created by heatherbat

Weird quiz, seems to have been badly translated from Russian. But I love Jannsen, so:

4 Snusmumrik!!
Eternal wanderer and the uncorrectable romantic. You
beckons entire unknown beautiful. For you always better place,
where you are not. But you will look, can, where you already
there is, it is much better?
Who you in the Mumi- portion?




Why you need a car in Atlanta


  1. Um, how accurate would you say these are, dear? No reason, no. *kiss*

    • Oh, about as accurate as any silly webquiz. 🙂 And no, I don’t seem to have Davan’s specific problem, thank goodness. 🙂

  2. Must be something about willow trees … I’ve always liked them quite a lot -- and lookie I am one too … 🙂

  3. Willow here as well. -H…

  4. Eh, this is reasonably accurate for me.

    You are boisterous and affectionate. You are the
    kind of tree that takes nothing sitting down,
    and is always ready for an adventure. You like
    to see everything that goes on around you. You
    like the warm weather, but you flourish when
    the nights tend to grow slightly colder. You
    are someone who likes to extend your days into
    the night hours because you never want to leave
    anything unfinished. You love an audience when
    you do things and you like to show off
    sometimes, but others admire your attitude. You
    fear past mistakes coming back to haunt you,
    but try to live day by day. You admire the
    strength of others and try to find the same in
    yourself. When you leave this word, you want to
    make an impression so that you’ll never be

    What’s Your Inner Tree?
    brought to you by Quizilla

  5. So, if you’re ever being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and she asks what kind of tree you’d be, you’ll have a ready answer. *Grin*


  6. I don’t think the tree quiz contained enough trees. I ended up a willow too, but with some of my answers I should have been a dogwood or other small flowering tree. (considering I answered all the stuff with gardening as an answer, gardening, and I definitely didn’t want to be near large bodies of water). But online quizzes are always fun. Well, maybe it’s another sign if I have a girl to name her Willow. Now to continue trying to convince the family if it’s a Willow to have her have my last name (Willow Rosenberg) *blink*

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