Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: January 5, 2004

NEW SONG: Never Seen The Tech Desk

First, a disclaimer: yeah, this is inspired by my own work experiences, but to be fair, every single place where one tier of people had to support another, lower tier of support folks, this has been true. I’ve even been the clueless git on the other end of this song, so believe me that this is all in good fun.

This song is dedicated to anyone who has ever had to work in ANY sort of help desk environment, and especially for the SysOps who have to support THEM.

Beginning a New Year

kitanzi and I spent a quiet New Years Day just enjoying each other’s company while our house guests spent the day with Bill and ladyat at Bedlam House. telynor brought them over about 5pm, and we made plans to go out to eat.

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