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Catching up…

We had a lovely weekend of shopping and relaxing, but that doesn’t explain what happened over the previous few weeks.

Well, the big news around these parts, as those of you who read kitanzi‘s journal already know, we’ve acquired a cat. Or, in my case, reacquired a cat. The black kitty who has always graced my usericon is Dayna, and was one of four cats that my ex and I shared between us. When we broke up, she kept custody of the four.

A few weeks ago, she asked me if I might be willing to take one or more of them, as she was having to move soon and not sure she could find a lease with four cats. I agreed to take Dayna, the younger of the two females, but really couldn’t see having either of the males in an apartment this small. (And deidrecorwyn is very attached to the older female, so I knew she wouldn’t part with her.)

Dayna spent the first day or so she was here under the guest bed refusing to come out. I finally put her in the bathroom, where she didn’t have as much space to be freaked out by. She eventually got to where she would come out of hiding if you came in and sat down and talked to her. Then we opened up the bedroom to her, and she promptly went under the bed, but again would come out if someone was in the room. By now, she’s got the run of the house, and rather enjoys spending time with the humans when the humans are home.

Unfortunately, this 5 year old cat has never been fixed, and she promptly went into heat when we brought her home. So she’s off the vet at the earliest opportunity. 🙂

In related news, the most astounding thing has happened as a result of this, which is that deidrecorwyn and I have begun talking again. It has been a very pleasant series of conversations — much like the sorts of conversations we used to have a long time ago, when we were best friends. It’s really nice, in a lot of ways; although the romance had died years before, there was still a solid friendship up until the end, when things were so strained and both of us were so broken that neither of us could really deal with the other. We both did a lot of harm to the other, but after it’s all over, and the wounds heal, it really doesn’t matter who was more at fault.

I hope this means we can repair and rebuild the real friendship we had from before things became so strained. If she’s willing to approach the half-way point, I’d be foolish and petty not to meet her there. We’ll see.

In the meantime, we’ve offered to help her move on Wednesday evening and Thursday. It’s tough to get folks to show up for moving around the Thanksgiving holiday, but if anyone in the Atlanta area wants to come and help out, drop me a line or leave a comment, and I’ll get more information to you.




Oh, dearie, dearie, dear…


  1. *big delighted smile*

    Yay and yay!

    *with huggles*

    who would write lots more but the kids are hollering…

  2. KITTY!!! Kitty kitty kitty! I love the kitties so.

    Incoherent babbling aside, all of this sounds very good. I hope for your friendship as well.

    • KITTY!!! Kitty kitty kitty! I love the kitties so.

      She is adorable, when she isn’t prowling the house yowling for a man. 🙂

      Incoherent babbling aside, all of this sounds very good. I hope for your friendship as well.

      Life is good at the moment. We’ll see what happens with the friendship, but I’m hopeful it will turn out well.

      • I’ve never had an un-spayed/neutered cat, so I’ve been spared that aspect. The most we have to worry about is our two guys attempting occasionally to eat each other. We keep trying to teach them that the other cat is not, in fact, edible.

  3. Lots of positive goodness! 😀

  4. Wow, that’s great!

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